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The Long Haul (Episode 2)

The Alaskan deep-sea hook-and-line fishery is more then dangling a line in the water with a couple of hooks; it is miles of line and thousands of hooks. The technique involves boats of all sizes, from open skiffs to 100+ footers. They’re out in the open ocean, fishing deep water for big fish—big halibut—up to 500-pounds in some cases, but hauling up 40-pounders is commonplace. It’s also big money, with halibut prices opening at a record $5.50 a pound paid to the fishermen (and over $20 a pound at the supermarket), this is one of the more lucrative fisheries in Alaska. But it is not without danger; the line is hauled off the bottom under tremendous strain, and hooks fly if the line breaks or comes loose from the hauler. Be a part of the two to five man crews that haul in this big-money catch from the brutal, open water of the Gulf of Alaska.