Alaska State Troopers

screenable online: 5 episodes

In Alaska, where lawlessness is practically a way of life and 90 percent of residents own a gun, keeping the peace is one of the toughest jobs in the state – the daily work of the Alaska State Troopers. The series captures a mixture of raw nature and criminal activity that’s found throughout the Alaskan wilderness and its remote villages. From search-and-rescue missions atop massive mountains to street crime in the freezing night, there's nothing the Alaska State Troopers won't tackle!

Season 2:

  1. Justice Below Zero
  2. Manhunt
  3. Arctic Force
  4. Shots Fired
  5. Spring Break Madness
  6. Armed and Dangerous
  7. High Speed Chase
  8. Crime Under the Midnight Sun
  9. Highway Hijinks
  10. Operation Moose Decoy
  11. Anchorage Undercover
  12. Dazed and Confused
  13. Vice Squad

Season 4:

  1. Alaska Chainsaw Massacre
  2. Knife Fight
  3. Fatal Inferno
  4. Bloody Warrior
  5. Shotgun Showdown
  6. Armed and Bootlegging
  7. Campground Crazies
  8. Grizzly-pendance Day
  9. Hostage Standoff
  10. Armed and Squatting
  11. Meth Dealer Manhunt
  12. Son and a Gun
  13. Drunk and Dangerous
  14. Crystal Meth Compound
  15. Trooper Stalker
  16. Deep Woods Standoff
  17. Blacked Out and Belligerent
  18. Hot Drugs, Icy Roads
  19. Too Much Pot
  20. Chopper Down